The ROMHERITAGE Project aims to establish itineraries of Roma Cultural Heritage in Spain, Italy and Slovenia.

The tangible and intangible transnational cultural heritage of Roma people is present in the entire EU, so this project can be considered a small-scale pilot experience (3 member states plus a European network) that will serve as a first step for the establishment of a growing number of national itineraries.

The Roma cultural heritage itineraries will give visibility to the most significant Romani cultural manifestations, and will link neighbourhoods, sites, museums and documentation, research, cultural and educational centres, which will promote the knowledge and recognition of the Romani cultural heritage: a culture that is part of the European and universal common heritage.

The consortium is composed by the Project leader (Asociación Nacional Presencia Gitana from Spain) and 3 project partners: ERIAC (European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture), EPEKA (Slovenia) and Associazione Thèm Romano (Italy), as well as associate partners such as Instituto Cervantes (Spain).

The project will also involve a significant number of local, regional, national and European social, cultural, touristic and economic stakeholders that will take part in the itineraries. Through the creation of a network of stakeholders, as well as the establishment of the itineraries and the implementation of several activities and events (presentations, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, workshops…), the project aims:

  • to preserve, promote and disseminate the diverse Roma culture and heritage, while involving actively new audiences;
  • to promote the teaching of Roma history and mutual knowledge between communities by strengthening intercultural dialogue across Europe;
  • to fight against discrimination and antigypsyism, as well as to change attitudes towards the Roma;
  • to promote the active participation of Roma individuals, artists, associations and companies;
  • to enhance social inclusion, and to improve the economy and living conditions of a significant number of Roma people, by boosting the local economies and supporting sustainable local touristic and cultural development.

Join the ROMHERITAGE Project

We aim to create a network composed of institutions, individuals and social, cultural, tourist and economic stakeholders who want to contribute and be part of the recognition and dissemination of the European Romani cultural heritage.